If you have ever wondered who we have worked with for this site, below is a full list of the brands that we have worked with on various articles, videos and projects. We work with brands for various articles ranging from build articles, experiences, interviews and of course reviews!

If you are looking to work with us on an article or a review, or just have an idea for something floating around, then please get in touch over on our contact page, Or you can contact us over on our Instagram. We would love to hear from you and see if we can work with you and your product in some way!

Strings Direct

UK based Guitar string Supplier

String Joy

US Based Guitar string manufacture

Two Notes

DI, Attenuator and Load box manufactures

Baby Audio

Audio Software and Plugin Company

Sigma Guitars

Guitar Manufacture Specialising in Acoustics

Munson Guitars

UK Based Custom Guitar builder!

Bispell Audio

UK Based Guitar effect pedal builder!


Software plugins and Instruments

Fuzz Imp

US Based Guitar effect pedal builder!

JSA Effects

UK Based Guitar effect pedal builder!

Bleak District Electric

Guitar effect pedal builder based in the uk!

LT Custom Guitar

UK Based Custom Guitar builder!

Axe Custom Cables

UK based Cable Manufacture

OKS Guitar Picks

Custom Guitar pick Manufacture

Horrothia Guitar Pedals

UK Based Guitar effect pedal builder!

Brelliott Amps

UK Based Pedal and Amp Builder

Alchemy Pickups

Pickup Designer and Maker based in the uk

Rombo Guitar Picks

German based Guitar pick builder


Centura Klon Review – Big tone, but is it to Expensive?

Introduction In the last few years the Klon has gone wild, with everyone putting out their version, either replicating the original or adding their own twist. However, today we are reviewing the Centura Klon, which I would consider a pretty solid replica! The case, circuit and looks all look nearly

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A Guide to Trying Out Guitar Equipment – Unleashing Your Sound

Introduction Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist or just starting your musical journey, the process of trying out new guitar equipment is both exciting and crucial to shaping your unique sound. From guitars and amplifiers to pedals and accessories, finding the perfect combination can be a game-changer for your playing experience. 

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Fake Martin OMJM Review – Are Fake Guitars even worth it?

Introduction Let us talk about Fake Guitars! This could be a controversial article today, but I have come into possession of a fake guitar! More specifically, a fake Martin OMJM. The John Mayer Martin signature. Now, I thought it would be worth putting together an article covering this guitar as

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