UJam Slap Bass Plugin Review – Time to bring the funk!

Introduction Need that extra slap of bass on a track? Don’t know a good Slap bassist? Well, UJam have another plugin that can help! UJam Slap Bass Plugin is their Slap Bass virtual instrument plugin, Designed to imitate a slap bassist and bring the funk to your tracks! In this

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Soldano SLO Pedal – Is it just as good as the amps?

Introduction After our review of the Soldano Mini Head the other week (Review Here), we thought it would only be right to check out the Soldano SLO pedal. This overdrive pedal has been out for a while now, and looking at the reviews I have heard many different sounds. So

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Soldano SLO-Mini Head Review – How does it sound?

Introduction It’s finally time, to try the Soldano SLO-Mini Head! A few months ago we reviewed the Hughes and Kettner Nano (review here), and also the Orange Micro Terror (Review here). It is now time to try the Soldano SLO-Mini Head! I have been looking forwards to giving this amp

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