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Introduction To Rombo Guitar Picks

A guitar picks can make all the difference to your playing, What shape, thickness and texture can make a world of difference in comfort and ability. With so many variations out there, finding that perfect pick can take a while to find. Well, Well, I think I might have just found mine, the Rombo Guitar Picks!

We recently got sent some guitar picks from Rombo Guitar picks. We reach out to them after seeing their picks on Instagram! They are completely different from a “Normal” picks, different shapes and design as well as a range of recycled picks. They sent over a few samples for us to try, and we have been using them for a few weeks now. So we are going to give out opinion on them all!

Rombo guitar picks are a company based out of Germany. With their unique design, High Polished edges and high quality, eco-friendly materials, I was very keen to try them, I love finding new picks, trying new designs. Let me just say, I was impressed! Massively! Let us start off with my favourite out of them all.

Rombo Diamond 2mm

Going to say this! I think I have found my new favourite pick! The shape, the thickness and the texture and grip are just perfect! As you can see from the photos the design of this pick is very different from what you would normally see. It has a Diamond grip structure with a textured finished which gives the pick a very unique grip. Does the grip work? Well, I have yet to drop it.

Rombo Guitar Picks - Diamond

Going to say this! I think I have found my new favourite pick! The shape, the thickness and the texture and grip are just perfect! As you can see from the photos the design of this pick is very different from what you would normally see. It has a Diamond grip structure with a textured finished which gives the pick a very unique grip. Does the grip work? Well, I have yet to drop it.

As far as wear goes, I have been using this pick a lot, and I haven’t noticed any signs of wear on the pick. Still looks like it does when it got delivered.

The Diamond Rombo guitar picks are available in 4 colours (Graphite Black, Water Blue, Strawberry Red and Honey Yellow). I will say, it doesn’t affect the sound or playability of the pick at all but I do love all the colours. They are different colours/Shades to what a “normal” pick would be. I like them a lot.

  • Wear: None
  • Price: €8 for 4
  • Main Use: Lead/Solos

Rombo Wave 1.25mm

Rombo Guitar Picks - Wave

Straight out the gate, 1.25mm it is thinner than I would usually use, I would usually use a 2mm+ pick but the Grip! The grip on this pick is amazing! It’s a texture I haven’t ever seen on a pick before! It has like an almost sandpaper feel to it with raised areas for extra grip. Very unique and very practical. I don’t see anyone dropping this pick anytime soon.

Wear wise? None. These picks are solid! Well manufactured and don’t seem to wear on you. It would take your Weeks maybe months of non-stop playing to wear out one of these picks.

The only downside to this pick is, personally for me it isn’t “pointy” enough. The pick has a rounded front. The diamond pick is more of the shape that I prefer. Now, that is just a personal choice and I know there are guitarists out there that will love the shape, however, it is for me.

  • Wear: None
  • Price: €8 for 4
  • Main Use: Rhythm/Heavy Chords

Rombo Classic 0.45mm

If you are an acoustic guitar player that play rhythm/chord work. This is a great pick for those nights round a campfire, playing a few sing along songs. Again, this is just a personal opinion. I am sure there are players who love thin picks and will love this pick. 

This is what I would say is Rombo’s most “Traditional” guitar pick. However, they have still put their own spin on it. They have put their own spin by changing up the grip up by using a cross hatch kind of pattern. In the hand, it feels amazing. Feel sturdy, easy to hold and as with the other picks, no signs of wear from playing, and also thanks again to the grip, I haven’t dropped this pick at all.

Rombo Guitar Picks - Classice

As I said, for me this isn’t a pick I would use a lot, However, I will keep one of these on my Acoustic guitar for convenience, but for people that use this kind of pick I can guarantee they would love it! Manufacture quality, very hard wearing and a outstanding grip.

  • Wear: None
  • Price: €8 for 4
  • Main Use: Rhythm/Heavy Chords

Rombo Origami 0.75mm

Rombo Guitar Picks - Origami

For electrics playing, this pick is a little to thin for me, but then I picked up my Faith Acoustic and had a huge smile on my face! This pick was made for acoustic guitar! Rich warm tones! Thanks to the unique design, this pick isn’t going anywhere! 

As mentioned above the design of this pick is amazing! The edges of the pick are flared up so it kind of wraps around your finger, combine that with the texture, I don’t think you will be dropping this pick anytime soon.

Personally, I didn’t use this pick for electric guitar. I found it too thin and flexible. Where this pick shines is on acoustic guitar. Using this pick on Acoustic guitar makes complete sense. Great for rhythm work (Strumming chords etc) but it is also great for a bit of flat-picking or lead/solo work on acoustic guitars. 

If you play any kind of acoustic guitars, this is the pick for you! When used on an acoustic guitar is it so versatile. As with the other picks, there have been no signs of wear, and I have been playing hard with this pick! 

  • Wear: None
  • Price: €8 for 4
  • Main Use: Acoustic Rhythm/Lead

Rombo Eco Black Picks

Rombo Picks also do a selection called the “Eco Black Picks”. These picks are made from recycled materials (Pre-Consumer Fibre Waste). They are available in the same shapes and models as the standard version. From using them, I don’t feel like it is much different. They play the same and sound the same as that standard versions. As with the other versions, I haven’t seen any signs of wear and tear on the picks. All of these picks are bulletproof and will last for ages.

The only difference is the feel. There is an ever so slight texture difference. You wouldn’t notice it unless you held both in your head, or have used them for as long as I have been doing. They do come out slightly more expensive than the standard picks. I would assume this is due to the process involved in using recycled materials. They also only come in black for every shape.

Overall I love the Eco Versions. They act and feel the same as the standard picks, but are 100% better for the planet. Which is a huge bonus. When I put my next order in I will be ordering a mix of the Eco version and standard version (For the colours).

Rombo Guitar Picks - Eco Packaging

Packaging and Presentation

Not much to say about the packaging other than the packaging of these picks is really nice. They come in a little card with some information about the brand printed on them. Very eco-friendly packaging. The card they are posted on is 100% recycled. Huge fan of that. 

I really like the drive for being eco-friendly this company has taken. The plastic in guitar picks is often overlooked and it is nice to see a company changing that! Huge respect for that!


Now, if you are new to guitar picks you may find these picks a bit expensive. However, shop around and look at other boutique picks and you will find that these picks are a good price. Combine that with the hard wearing nature of these picks and the amazing grip on them all and you won’t be needing to replace these due to wear or losing any. Worth every penny if you ask me!

  • 4 per pack
  • Standard: 8 Euros
  • Eco: 10 Euro

Any Bad Points

Not really no, I can understand that the price might be a bit steep for some people, however, I honestly think that after you try these picks out, you will see that the price is justified. As we said above, when you look at other boutique guitars picks, they are all around the same price, if not more! I have already said I plan to order some more, and I will stick to that promise! 

Another point I will mention, and this is completely personal is I would love if they would have done a hybrid pick. I love the shape and thickness of the Diamond 2mm, but prefer the grip of the Wave 1.25mm. For me, a pick that combines these would be perfect. That is just me being fussy and picky. The diamond 2mm pick has now become my number 1 pick.


As you may be able to tell, I have become a huge fan of the Rombo guitar picks and I will definitely be using the Diamond 2mm Rombo guitar picks from now on! Just got to get some more delivered! I would highly recommend you check out their selection over on their website.

If you order any, make sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram. We would love to get all your opinions on them. Thanks to Rombo guitar picks for sending these over. Your pick has now become my number 1.

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