Custom Guitar Cables - Why you SHOULD get custom cables made?


When it comes to guitar gear, nothing gets overlooked more than the guitar cable. A simple piece of gear that everyone has and uses, however, are they all the same? I recently went to the British boutique Guitar Festival and all the cables there were supplied by Axe Custom Guitar Cables, Which got me thinking about custom cables.

Fully custom Guitar cables! Are these companies worth it and what advantage do they have over your normal off-brand cable you might buy in your local guitar shop? I believe they are but let me explain why I think this buy going over a few points.

Axe Custom Guitar Cables - Nice packaging to keep them together
Nice packaging to keep them together

What Custom Guitar Cables Do I Have?

Axe Custom Guitar Cables - Up Close
Here is a close up of the cable!

Now I have got some cables from Axes custom cables, and I, like many other people, have been using store-bought cables for many years! I will explain why I went custom guitar cables below, however, the cables I have got are two 3 metre instrument cables and a 1-foot cable. 

I will be using these cables for studio work and various reviews and videos. However, after receiving them and trying them out, I will be leaping to swap all my cables out to custom cables. Again, the reasons will become clear. So why would you go custom cables?

Axe Custom Cables didn’t send this cables to me for free. They did sort me out a bit of a discount but I paid for them myself.

Why You Would get Custom Guitar Cables?

We spoke to Axe Custom Guitar cables and why people might go for a fully custom cable and they said 

“Custom made means you can have exactly what you want. A cable personally tailored for your needs and sound made from the finest materials available.”

Using custom Guitar cables will allow you to get all your cables in one place. Guitar cables, Power cables, patch cables and even speaker cables. For someone like me that likes everything to match, this is perfect but it goes beyond that. It also means that the same person is making all your cables to the same high level, meaning all the cables in your rig will be of the same quality. If a cable did have an issue, it is simple to get it resolved as it is from one person. Being that a lot of custom cable manufacturers are one-man teams, this means that the person you ordered your cables through, will be the person building them and also answering any queries or issues. 

Another huge reason you might go for Custom cables is to not only get the length you want but also the jacks and adaptors you want. You might have part of you live setup where you have to go from a 1/4 inch to an XLRbut in a short space. Well, you can order a short cable with the jacks and plugs you need and also get them angled if that is something you need. It allows you full control to make you rig tidy and quick to set up.

What about price

Some people might think that custom cables are expensive, and in a way they are. However, you need to look at it at price over time. As we said they will be built better, using higher quaintly components, plus (if using them on pedal boards or studio) they will be built to length so won’t have any strain or too much spare. This will lead to them lasting a much longer time. So that intentional cost will provide a product that will last much longer and pay itself off. Especially if you are a touring or gigging player. 

Now, you might be thinking, if I wanted quality I would buy the higher-end cables of the shelve, and this is a valid point. Expect when you look at the price of higher cables, there is a huge gap. Plus the shelve bought cable will still be a set length and have a set jack on it. So still might not be perfect for what you want. 

So why wouldn’t you buy custom cables, if the price is a key point and you want to keep your cost as low as possible, then custom might not be the way to go. However, this also comes at another cost that the parts won’t be as high quality as a custom made cable, so they won’t last as long. 

Is there another option?

What if you want the custom cable but not at the price? Well, there is a good go between! You can buy a Solderless cable kit.  There are cables that you make yourself and don’t need any soldering equipment to do it. Great for keeping the price low but still getting that custom fit. Luckily we have an article about them, So if you want to find out more you can head here to see our full article.


Axe Custom Guitar Cables - All the cables i ordered
This is all the cables i recived!

Another point we wanted to make is if you are ordering custom guitar cables, it pays to order a few and all at the same time, you will find the price will come down the more you order. Plus it’s easy to do one order and get all your cables together. If you are a professional musician or even and regularly gigging musician, I think it is highly worth getting custom made cables for your entire rig. Every cable is made to measure for a specific job. If you want to see more of the cables we have, head over to our Instagram.

If you want to check out Axe Custom Cables you can use the links below:



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Axe Custom Guitar Cables - Bag
Axe Custom Guitar cables come in this lovely presentation bag!

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