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If you are after a review or an article we would be happy to talk about it! We like to do things a little differently when reviewing products. We like to review products in real life situations and also review them how I would use them. 

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Brelliott TODP Pedal – Our thoughts and Review

Introduction Today we are checking out a tube overdrive/distortion pedal from a UK-based builder “Brelliott”. Brelliott builds amps and pedals, and today I am checking out his tube-based “TODP” pedal. Being an amp builder Brelliott knows his way around a good overdrive circuit and knows what works and doesn’t work.

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10 Questions with Joss Allen – Interview and Chat

Introduction From his time doing Demos at Anderson’s all the way to releasing a full album album Joss Allen has come a long way. So when he said he would be happy to answer our 10 questions we jumped at the chance! Joss Allen is well known for his spine

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5 Features that should be on all Modern Guitars

Introduction There are many, hundreds if not thousands of guitar manufacturers out there, and I have started to notice something that has annoyed me. The more expensive guitars are missing features that cheaper guitars have, features that make playing the guitar and living with that guitar easier. I have put

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