FAQ’s and Questions

FAQ’s and Questions


We get a lot of Questions and emails about certain items on this site, so we thought it would be worth putting together a little page with the most asked questions that we receive. This page will get updated regularly with other questions, so if you want to ask us a question, then check this page before to see if it has already been asked.

However, if you do have a question that you want to ask, then please head over to the contact page and feel free to get in touch with us! We would still be more than happy to answer any questions you might have for us.


Q: Can I trust your Reviews?

Absolutely! We will always be 100% honest in our reviews! Doesn’t matter if we are being paid, have reviewed a free product or bought the product for ourselves, we will give OUR honest review. I run this website for the love of music and gear so strive to give you honest reviews.

Worth keeping in mind that everything on this website is my opinion, meaning things like design, colour and price are all my opinion and may differ from yours.

Q: What is your currently favourite Pedal?

My current favourite pedal would have to be either the Tapescape by Bleak District or the Dumblemost by JSA. Both have been on my board since I got them! Both have full reviews on the site which you can check out.

Q: How long does a review take?

How long a review takes depends on what I am reviewing. I like to use the gear for as long as possible before I release and write up my thoughts. Pedals can be put out quickly however this depends on how much they can do, whereas amps take a lot longer. The writing, filming, recording and editing will take the same amount of time no matter what. What takes time is getting to products.

Q: Can you review my product?

Of course, we can! If you have a product or something you think would suit the website please get in touch over on our Contact page. Or Send use a message on our Instagram. We can discuss and review and video and see if we can work something out.

Q: How do you do your reviews?

We do our reviews a little differently from what you might want to see. We split our reviews up, by doing an article and a video you can decide what you want. Just want to hear the sounds? Check out the video! Want to hear our thoughts? Then check out the article. 

Also, we want to give our reviews and all the gear we review a fair chance! So where possible we run all large gear through the same setup! Reviewing a pedal? We run it through the same amp every time (which is currently the Revv D20). If we are reviewing an amp then we record it the same way (through Two notes using a 4X12 cab). This way you can get a true representation of how pedals or amps or guitars differ. 

Q: Can I write an article for you?

As with the question above, if you want to write articles for us or have an idea for an article, or even feel you could help in any way then please get in touch! We would love to hear from you and see what you can bring to the website. Send us an email or a, message on Instagram. We look forwards to hearing from you. 

Q: What’s your dream guitar?

Luckily I already own it! My full custom LT Custom Guitar. Built for me to my specs. This was a fully custom guitar that I spec’d out and had built. So I own my dream guitar. However, saying that, I also like the black beauty Les Paul Customs (With the gold hardware). So maybe one of those one day!

Q: Will you be doing any live demos?

We are planning to do some live shows/live demos at some point. I am also working on a album/EP which I want to do some gigs with. Plan to do articles and videos about the recording and releasing process of music. So hopefully at some point this year there will be some live shows of some kind.

Q: Is expensive always better?

Yes and no, Expensive isn’t always better but with price comes quality. For example we reviewed a Cheap Klon Clone (Review Here), the pedal sounded amazing and was perfectly useable, however, was it the highest quality and built to last? Not at all! The rules of diminishing returns comes into play when buy gear, the more you spend, eventually, the less you get back. Maybe we should do a whole article on this subject.

Q: What’s something you would like to see more of in regards to gear?

I think, in general, guitars need to get more modern. We wrote a whole article about modern features (Click here) we need to see more off. However, we all seem to be stuck back the 50’s and 60’s. For example, out of all the materials we could build guitars out of, we only want wood! I would like to see a bit more progression!

Q: Are you Endorsed by LT Custom Guitars?

I am not! I bought my guitar, and am not endorsed! However, I am really good friends with Lewis and work with him on a lot of things and love his guitars and company!

Q: What's your favourite thing to review?

I have to say I do love a good amp! Amp reviews are fun and you can be really creative and experiment with different sounds. However, I love it all and that is why I do it!

Q: How do I improve my Tone and sound?

First of all, you have to realise what you don’t like. What is it about your tone you are not gelling with? Then you have to fiddle and adjust your settings. Maybe we should write a whole article about it. But to sum it up, you have to discover what is effecting your tone, is it a pedal? your pickups, amp settings? Then make adjustments to correct the issue.

Quick tip, I like to take every knob on  my rig and twist them all to the extreme, both left and right. This will help you discover what that knob is controlling. Giving you a better understanding on how to adjust your sound.


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