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If you are a fan of music and the internet then you will of heard of Youngr! Youngr is a musician who has an amazing catalogue of music ranging from insane dance numbers, all the way to smooth R&B songs. Youngr is also well known for his Tik Tok videos where he Live Loops and live performs remixes of well-known songs.

We reached out to Youngr asking for an interview and he kindly agreed! So below we ask our 10 questions with Youngr and find out everything from music to projects and everything inbetween! Let’s dive in!

Youngr Interview

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself for anyone that doesn’t know

Hey hey! I’m Dario Darnell, aka Youngr. Younger is actually my middle name! I play music cause it’s the only thing I can do, really!! 

Q: How did you get Into music and when and what did you start playing?

My dad is a musician so I’ve been around it all my life. Started off on the drums. I used to sit on the drum riser and watch my dad’s drummer play at soundcheck. I became fascinated with the power and sheer volume of them!

Q: What made you decide to start making videos and music?

Well, I’ve been making music since I can remember… I think it was less a decision and more of a necessity! It just kinda spills out of me. Videos – Guess I really started to focus on videos when I got into Facebook Pages about 10 years ago… I decided to try and do one take videos (mainly cause I’m lazy and didn’t want to learn how to edit more than one camera on iMovie!)

Q: How long does a Tik Tok video take to create from idea to upload?

I usually start around 11ish… Get a good idea of the track and the bare bones of it by 1/2pm ish… Then I take a little ear break, go for a walk on the beach, have some lunch, look at it again around 3/4pm, really nail down the sound and idea of it by 5pm, start arranging it and choreographing it, this usually takes about an hour for me to find my feet… Then riiiight at that sweet spot before it’s overrehearsed and after I know what the hell I’m doing, I start filming! Hopefully I get it in one as that first one has a magic I can never quite recreate. A blend of fun/improvisation/focus/no clue what’s gonna happen by the end!

Q: What are some challenges of making a video/music? 

I mean… Everything! Have I charged the batteries to the cameras… Did I wipe the SD cards…. Are the angles right? Are the angles new and exciting? Even are the lights right! Is my shirt right? Have I got too much hairy chest showing? Will I finish filming before dinner? Will my girlfriend kill me for playing drums for 3 hours? Is this even good? Oh shit I didn’t press record in Ableton. Oh shit I had the wrong inputs selected. Shit I didn’t tune the guitar. I mean… The list goes on. 

Q: I notice that a lot of your bootlegs are of “rockier” songs? What bands/groups got you into music? 

Yeahhh dude. I grew up loving incubus, chili’s, deftones, muse, Korn, slipknot etc. Fucking love those bands. Still do. 

Q: What is your current favourite video/release?

Of mine? Erm, probably the Coldplay bootleg. I just love how long I take to set it up, I really take my time and let the groove speak. I also love that song/band!

Q: You have a fair amount of gear, what’s you current favourite piece? And why?

Current fave is probably the Akai force… Just cause it’s a great Ableton controller and it’s also got some dope sounds in it, and the inbuilt vocal effects are great too. 

Q: What’s the plans for the future? Where do you plans to take your music? Live shows? More albums?

Just gonna focus on singles for a while. Whatever feels good, I’ll put out! No big plans… Just, more stuff I think I like! And yeah, live shows for sure. Working on some stuff now. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to create and release music? 

Don’t second guess you music! Work quick, try to finish it, move on. If it helps – set a goal – make a tune and post it on Instagram/tiktok by 11pm… That way you KNOW you gotta be quick. There’s no time for second guessing with that. And after the 700th tune you’ve made, the 701st one will be half decent! 


Want to thank Youngr for taking the time to answer these questions, it was great finding out some more stuff about him! Loved diving into someone more in the EDM and dance side of things.

Check out his music on all streaming platforms. I highly recommend the track of his last album “Spaceman” or his bootleg of “Sweet Disposition”. However, the track I listen to the most is his mega mix of Red Hot Chilli Peppers “Heavy Glow”. 

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