Centura Klon Review – Big tone, but is it to Expensive?


In the last few years the Klon has gone wild, with everyone putting out their version, either replicating the original or adding their own twist. However, today we are reviewing the Centura Klon, which I would consider a pretty solid replica! The case, circuit and looks all look nearly identical! So, how does it sound and play? Why don’t we find out?

We have done a few cheap Clone Klons, but this is our first “Proper Klon Clone”. No, this is not a real, full-fat Klon (If anyone does have one please get in touch). However, I have heard great things about this pedal and can’t wait to check it out and see what tones I can get from the Centura Klon.

The Centura Klon Pedal

Centura Klon Overdrive - Full Pedal
A super simple but amazing sounding pedal!

Being a Klon clone, there isn’t much to run through here! The Centura Klon is housed in a full metal “Klon-shaped” casing. Very similar to the original. 3 controls on the front with the footswitch in the bottom right. The pedal is all top loaded with the Input, output and power along the top. The labelling is screen printed in black ink, as well as the brand name which is just by the footswitch.

Control-wise, it is the same as an original Klon, you have the 3 knobs along the top. Starting on the left we have a Gain control, which controls how much gain or clipping there is. In the middle, we have the treble control, which “amplifies” everything above 400(ish)Hz. On the right, we have the Output control, which adjusts the overall level the pedal puts out. Below this, we have a foot switch on the bottom right. With the power LED on the left just under the gain control.

The inputs and output are on the top of the pedal. The pedal is powered using 9V but requires an adapter cable which does come supplied with the pedal in the box. The pedal retails new for around £250.

The Sounds

For sounds, we wanted to try to demonstrate the range of gain you can get from a Klon-style pedal! So during the demo song, you will hear everything from clean, crunch and high gain sounds! All guitars in the demo track are recorded using my LT Custom going into the front end of my Revv D20. As always no post-work (Sounds shaping or EQing has been done to the guitars). All gain sounds have come from the Centura Klon pedal.

After that, we run through some sounds you can get with this pedal! From various amp sounds! Using a clean amp to a broken/crunch amp tone! Showing how much gain and meat is on a Klon that most people don’t use!

What are my thoughts?

I think a reason people loved the Klon is the sound, of course, but also the ease of use! This pedal is very simple on the outside. 3 knobs, a switch and input and output! The labelling is clear and easy to read, and the LED is bright enough to see it is on. Thanks to those now iconic Knobs you can clearly see where your Klon controls are set too! Speaking of the controls, the knobs have a lovely resistance and stay put when set. The jacks are also gripping and hold cables in place.

Everyone tends to use the Klon as a clean boost, and as we know that is absolutely perfect! If you’re looking to push your Amp slightly more, or if you’re looking to shape your tone a little bit and I just a tiny amount of “hair” to your sound, it’s absolutely perfect. However, what people don’t talk about is the gain in a Klon. Using this Klon as an actual gain pedal brings out so many Sounds. The gain is lovely, rich and compressed and using the tone control, You can really shape the sound and it has oodles of volume for all your needs. I feel as an actual overdrive/gain pedal, the Klon is unused in that aspect.

Centura Klon Overdrive - Case Shot
The case is pretty similar to the original! Not many pedals come in this shape case!

More Thoughts!

Saying that, You can see why people use this clean boost, as it has a crazy amount of clean volume allowing for not only a boost but a relatively clean boost! Allowing you to push your amp into its own “natural” overdrive, or use it as a solo boost. Using it as a boost adds some lovely harmonics and using the treble control allows a bit of tone shaping, boosting low mids and allowing you to cut through the mix for solo boosts. However, if you buy this pedal as a solo boost, I think you are underusing this pedal.

Love the position of the foot-switch, it allows you to mount the pedal vertically and still have access to the foot-switch for easy control! However, doing this will put input, output and power on one side. This means you will have to think about cabling and routing cables.

Centura Klon Continued

Let’s talk about price! This pedal is expensive, considering it’s is an overdrive pedal £250 is a big ask! It does one thing, and does it really well but I think it could have been a bit cheaper! There are other Klon clones that are just as good for less money! I mean, at the end of the day, it is an overdrive pedal, you would get similar results going for an EHX Soul Food! Which are sub £100. Plenty to be had second-hand online for sub £50. Is it identical to a Klon circuit? No, Will it get you close? Most certainly!

Centura Klon Overdrive - Control Shot
Very simple controls, However, I think people misunderstand what the treble control does!

Final Thoughts

A few other issues I have about the Centura Klon are that the back panel is screwed on but still feels loose! Don’t know if this is just my one or if it is everyone, but it isn’t a huge issue just feels a bit weird when pulling it off the pedalboard! Also, the power plug, having to use a separate power cable to power those! It’s still running on 9v, just a different adaptor! Just makes wiring and swapping pedals more of a hassle! Also, I feel like the LED could be a little brighter as well, it’s fine but on stage and performing it can get lost in the stage lights.


That is our review of the Centura Klon pedal!  A “almost identical” version based on the original Klon. This is definitely a pedal I will be using a lot in the future, for various reasons! It might go on my pedal board or it might stay in the studio for amp and guitar demos! However, I really like the sound of the Centura Klon, but it should be good for the Price!

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