10(ish) Questions with Aynsley Lister – Blues, Gigging, Practice and More!

Aynsley Lister - Gig shot


We recently got the honour to chat with the incredible Aynsley Lister! A UK-based Blue Guitarist, who I would honestly say is one of the top guitarists in the UK. We got the chance to sit down with him and ask him 10(ish) questions about guitars, Recording, touring and Practicing!

This is the first Video interview, so please comment on the YouTube video if you liked it and want to see more, or if you prefer the written interview kind. We would love to know your opinions. However, I enjoyed sitting down and having a casual chat with Aynsley and can’t wait to get to see him live soon!

Aynsley Lister Interview

Aynsley Lister is a UK-based Blues guitarist who has been playing from a young age.  He has consistently been putting out music since the late 90s. Mixing melody with fast guitar runs, fantastic lyrics and well-produced songs make for a great listen on any of his albums! He is no slouch either when it comes to touring, On the road and performing a lot Aynsley makes use of his fairly simple rig, using his guitar and amps to do most of the heavy lifting!

As we said above, this is our first video interview and was over FaceTime. The videos of the Aynsley Lister interview are below, hope you all enjoy and please head over and leave a comment on the video and subscribe to our YouTube for more great videos!


Massive thanks to Aynsley Lister for taking the time to jump on a call and have a chat! I learnt something chatting to Aynsley and hope you all did as well! Was great to dive Into the mind of a touring and recording musician and ask some questions we have always wanted to ask! 

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