Pedal Patch Solderless Cables Review – Is it better than Soldering?


I have recently been putting together a new pedalboard (more on this to come). I have had to make a pedalboard for ages so I thought I would take the chance to make this one as custom as possible (Currently I am in the Mockup and testing phase). So I wanted to experiment with the Pedal Patch Solderless Cables.

I met these guys at the FXExpo I attended recently and they had a show price on their 5 cable pack. So I purchased a pack and started to mock up my testing board. Which also gave me the chance to trail these cables and see what they are like. I thought it would be worth putting together a review as many people want to make their cables but don’t have the soldering skills to do so (This describes me perfectly). So is this a viable option for those people?

Solderless Patch Cables - Full Board Look

Pedal Patch Solderless Cables

So what are the Pedal Patch Solderless Cables? Well, they are cables that you can custom make without having to even touch a soldering iron. In the pack, you get the jacks and a good amount of cable. Using the guides included you can measure and make your patch cables very easily.

The company was set up in 2018 to provide a cheaper alternative to solder-less parch cables. If you have ever tried to build a custom pedalboard using custom cables, you understand how expensive it can get. These guys hope to change that.

More on the Pedal Patch Cables

The kits come with everything you need to make the cables. There are several kits, each providing more jacks and longer cables to make more patch cables. Because you have to add the Jack to the cable itself, this means you can measure the length you need and Make every cable unique and it is own. Allowing to not only make a tidy pedalboard but also do it very easily. The jacks that they provide and be used either to make Straight or Right angled cables, allowing for even more flexibility when making them.

How does the solder less work? Well, inside the cable provided is a solid core wire. Cut the cable to length and then press the end into the jack and press hard (I like to add a little twist for good measure), after you have pressed the cable into the jack you can then screw the cap onto the jack and you are done. Very easy to turn out patch cables quickly.

Pedal Patch - Right Angle Jack on Board
Using the right angle option with top loaded pedals you can really keep your board compact and clean.

What are my thoughts?

Pedal Patch - As small as you want
Make the patch cables as small as you want, meaning you won't have loads of extra cable to route and hide!

One thing I noticed instantly when making these cables is the actual cable. Comparing it to my Fender Patch Cables you can see the thickness difference. This helps route and position cables. Trying to rout the fender patch cable is such a challenge as it isn’t flexible in the slightest. However, the PedalPatch cable is super flexible meaning I can route and adjust cables easily.

How reliable are they? Well, out of the 4 patch cables I made, I only had one mistake, and that was my fault! I made one cable too short! Give the jack a good pull you can break the cable apart and start again! Every cable I made and tested worked the first time! After finishing the board and plugging it in, everything worked and I was getting sound the first time!

Anything Else?

I found that making your first few cables will be time-consuming and take a while, but once you understand how to do it, and have made a few you will produce cables quickly. One tip I will give is to make sure you have everything planned! Pedals are where they need to be, Cables have all been measured and then you can begin to make the cables. Also, make a note of if you need a right angle or straight jacks! If you get it wrong it isn’t hard to correct at all!

What if you need more cables? Well, luckily they sell the jacks on their own on their website. I found that even after making all my cables and making the mistake I did, I still had plenty of cables left over. I might even have enough to patch the whole board again! So I can just buy more jacks if I need them for future builds.

Pedal Patch Solderless Cables - Full Packaging
The packaging is nice, Get's the job done!
Solderless Patch Cables - Full Board Look
The custom Pedal Patch cables allow you to make cables the correct length meaning you haven't got loads of excess cable to hide!

Final Thoughts

My last point is both a positive and a negative. The Price! For the pack I bought, I paid £36 (I think). That was a show price and they were doing a show deal, Normal retail is £42. So why is it a negative? If you only have 1-3 pedals on your board, Nothing too complicated and can get away with standard patch cables, this could be an expensive option. Buying this kit just to make 2 or 3 standard patch cables will be expensive. However, if you are planning to build a full board with 3 or more pedals, this is a cheap option! It is easier than normal store-bought patch cables but also cheaper than custom cables. So the price is good depending on your board.

It is also worth noting that they also do power cable kits. So you can custom-make your power cables for powering your pedals. I have not tried these yet but will look into them when I start building the full pedal board. Could prove vital in keeping things tidy and clean.

Quick Update

So, it has been a few months since I have been using the Pedal Patch cables. I have actually redesigned my whole pedalboard. I still stand by what I said. Having custom cables that are the correct length and fit perfectly makes building a pedal board so effortless. These cables are also super flexible so when I built the full-size pedalboard (Article here) you can bend and shape the cables around anything.
Also, in all the months I have been using them, I have yet to have any of them break on me (Touch wood), and out of all the ones I have constructed, I only did 1 wrong! Other than that, they have all been perfect!

New Pedalboard - Last Few
My new Pedalboard, Using all Pedal Patch Cables


If you want to check out Pedal Patch and purchase some kits for yourself. You can check them out at the link below. They also do a range of other products. Everything you need to assemble a tour-ready pedalboard is on their site. Velcro, Cable tie, Junction boxes and also mugs and T-Shirts. Making it easy to get everything in one place.

Do you use Solderless cables? If so let us know which ones and how you get on with them! Also, tag us on Instagram in any pedalboard build you do! We would love to see all your builds!

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