My TOP 5 gear of 2023 – The standout Gear from this year!

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So we are reaching the end of another year! 2023 is coming to an end. What a year! This year the site has been very busy and record-breaking! The website, Instagram and YouTube have grown so much this year. Luckily we got the chance to review a lot of equipment and gear this year! So we thought we would put together a list of our top 5 gear Reviews we did in 2023.

These are in no order and that doesn’t mean any of the other gear was rubbish! We reviewed a lot of gear and all of it was incredible, however, these are the 5 things I still come back to or miss having in the studio. So why don’t we dive right into the first one of our top 5 gear Reviews, of course, it is going to be one of the pedals from the guys over at JSA Pedals!

JSA Pedals “Hot Toddy”

I have mentioned this pedal in a lot of articles and also used it a lot since getting sent it! And you will be pleased to know that I am still loving it! It is still on my board and I am currently using it as a light overdrive as part of a 2-3 gain stacking structure! Using the pedal to control the volume and shape the tone ever so slightly.

The JSA Hot Toddy is an incredible overdrive pedal at insane value! If you are looking for an overdrive pedal that can give a medium to low overdrive or can help push your amp even further into natural overdrive then you need to check out the Hot Toddy!

Check out the Review Here

Goliath FX “TomeBender”

This is a recent review we did! We don’t do many fuzz pedals however, this one just clicked! It sounded killer! So much so that I ended up buying it off Goliath FX! It was our first review from the guys over at Goliath FX. As I mentioned above, it is still part of my gain structure and if I am doing songs that require slightly higher gain, then this will definitely be on the board!

It’s a killer fuzz (that is super reliable and really consistent) from a killer company! Able to do everything from thick meaty fuzz, down to Gated and thin fuzz! Make sure to check out the company and this pedal! We have more reviews from them soon!

Check out the Review Here

Strymon “Brig” Delay

This was my first step into the Strymon effect pedal world! And boy, did it leave a huge impact and mark! The Brig is their compact delay pedal, and what a delay pedal it is! It did come with its downsides (price, labels and some features) but it is such a killer pedal with such amazing sounds! From a punchy slap back to wonderful atmospheric, very close to reverb sounds! You will be pleased to know is still on the board since we reviewed it!

Don’t worry, we will definitely be reviewing more Strymon pedals! Would love to give their bigger pedals a go but will most certainly check out the other compact pedals as well! They have a fantastic line up and judging by how good the Brig is I can’t wait to try more!

Check out the Review Here

Sigma “000MEL” Acoustic

This was our first acoustic guitar review and the people over at Sigma Guitars were kind enough to send over one of their amazing acoustic guitars! I still miss that guitar to this day and might have to get one myself! We haven’t reviewed many acoustic guitars however, we are always on the lookout for more! However, reviewing this Sigma guitar made me realise how much I love the OM-sized guitar! It was just perfect to play and for the price was a proper steal, showing that you can get amazing quality out of a smaller budget!

Check out the Review Here

Brelliott “AMZ-30” Amp

This was our first amp review from the guys over at Brelliott, and was also the last review of the year! What a killer amp this was! A proper classic rock monster! Just plug in and play! No matter what you plugged in it sounded incredible! The people over at Brelliott have smashed it and made a fantastic amp! Might even have to have a word with them and get one in!

As I mentioned in the article, I have another Brelliott Amp review incoming very soon and I can’t wait for you all to hear this one, it is the opposite of the AMZ-30. That will be out sometime in January hopefully!

Check out the Review Here

Honourable Mention: Munson “Tempest” Guitar & SBC “Omicron” Guitars

These were two guitars we reviewed in 2023. Both were amazing and both built by amazing companies! I think there will definitely be more to see from both Munson and SBC guitars in 2024! We more reviews from them! I loved both guitars, both were very different with one being a headless metal guitar and the other being a more traditional shape. However, both were great value for money and hand built by great people! 

You can check out the videos we made for each of them below and follow the links to the reviews we put together of them both!

Munson Tempest Check out the Review Here

SBC Omicron Check out the Review Here


That is our list of out top 5 gear Reviews (Plus a few extras) that stood out this year, and reviews we loved doing. It is worth noting that I didn’t include any interviews or articles in this list. This was purely reviews and reviews only. While we were looking back at our reviews we realised how many reviews we have done, covering so much gear and equipment! It has been a crazy year! Was really tricky to narrow it down to just our top 5 gear Reviews! We have loved every review!

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to the YouTube channel, Followed us on Instagram and checked out the site! It has helped massively and we can’t wait to kick into the new year and do it all over again, but this time so much better! We have got a lot planned which we will go over in the new year! 

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