LEKATO Guitar Wireless System – Cable free on the cheap?


I love a bargain, and the website “AliExpress” has so many bargains! You can find almost anything on the website! Well, I have spent a few days looking over a few of their guitar gadgets and gear and ordered a few things. So we thought we would put together a few blogs and reviews on the (hopefully amazing) stuff that I have ordered. Starting with the Lekato Wireless Guitar System

In this article, the first of many, we have ordered a Lekato wireless Guitar System. You can buy these from websites like Andertons and Thomann for around £100 for a set of two. Well, I found a set on AliExpress for £25 (including delivery). For that price, I just had to give the legato system a go and see what they are like! So I added them to the cart and bought them! I have been using them for a few weeks now and have been to a few rehearsals with them so thought it was time for a review. So let us start.

Packaging & Delivery

After I ordered it, the parcel got delivered in 8 days. Which is fast for AliExpress. I was really happy about that! The parcel had no damage once I opened it and the device came in a nice box with nice printing explaining all the features and specs. I opened up the box and found everything to be there in one piece. Which is what you want! 

Lekato Wireless - Open Box
Lekato Wireless - Boxed

Lekato System – The First impressions

Opening the box I saw that there was the receiver and the transmitter (both smaller than I thought they were going to be. After picking the devices up I found that the build quality seems good and high quality considering the price. Inside the box was the receiver, the transmitter, instructions and a split USB cable.

I was impressed with this cable, it had two charging points so you could charge both devices at once. This is a welcomed cable that I will find myself using on other products as well.

Lekato Wireless - In the Box

Set up and ease of use

Set up? set up was a breeze. The instructions walked you through everything you had to do to pair the two devices. However, when I first plugged them in, everything was already paired! I didn’t have to do anything!

They also came fully charged and all ready to use! Can’t fault the set-up and ease of use! It is as simple as plug and plays! I pulled them out of the box, plug one end into my guitar, (The one marked “Transmitter”) and the other end into my Amp/Pedal Board (The one marked “Receiver”). Switched them both on and they connected and I had sound!

Functions and features

So what features do these come with? Well for the price they aren’t what you would call “feature-packed” however, they do have some interesting and useful features. The first point is that they are easy to synch, Just one button, press it on both devices and they will sync up. Straight out the box they come synced up so there is no need to sync them up.

Another useful feature is the rotation on them. They have 220 degrees of rotation so no matter what guitar (or instrument) you have they will be hidden and out the way. I used them on my Les Paul, My Telecaster and my 335, and can say that even with the 335 front-mounted jack socket, they don’t get in the way or irritate me.

They are quoted as having an 8 hour battery time, using them in rehearsals and then again at home, I have got 4-5 hours out of them without any signs of them running out of battery. So I can fully believe the 8 hour battery time. They also support different frequency bands so that you can run up to 4 pairs at once. I might invest in another set to run from my pedalboard to my amp to remove all cables. This would be good if you have multiple guitarists or musicians using these devices, there will be no interference.9

My only negative is that the charging is USB, I would prefer to see USB type C. It isn’t a huge drawback as the cable does come supplied with the packs but Type C would mean faster charging times and also easier to swap out cables as I have more Type C cables and plugs laying around.

Wireless Guitar System - Up Close


So the huge selling point for the Lekato System is the price. £20! You can get them even cheaper if you hold off and wait for a sale to happen. That is almost too cheap not to give it a go! When you compare it is a similar product from a higher-end brand you will be looking at around £100. Now I haven’t tried to more expensive version so don’t know if it is worth the extra money, However, from what I can see from the Lekato guitar wireless, I don’t know why you would spend more.

Would I recommend the Lekato system?

So would I recommend it? 100%, If you want to bring the number of cables down on stage or make set up easier, I would 100% recommend these! I have found that the main use I have for them is checking levels at soundcheck. You can walk out of the stage and check to make sure everything is set up and sounds good! I love not having a cable to trip upon. Reducing the number of cables in front of me is

Battery life has been great, been to a few 2-hour rehearsals without any issues, charging them both after. Using the dual USB cable supplied, charging is easy! Plug them in, they display an orange light and when the orange lights go off, they are fully charged! Simple!

Have I had any issues? Currently, not yet! They have been flawless! I haven’t experienced any lag or interference! Which is the two-point that put people off wireless, especially cheap wireless units like this. I haven’t experienced any issues with lag. In a blind test, I don’t think I would be able to tell if I was running a cable or wireless.

A quick Update

It has been a few months since I reviewed these and I have been using them at every rehearsal and gig I go too. I still think the same as I do above. For small gigs they are perfect, easy to use, great battery use and reliable (Touch wood, I haven’t had any issues with them). One side not is the bass player recently got some as well, and so far we have had no issues both using them on stage! Both been perfect! No Complaints!

Lekato - On the Epiphone 335


I think if you are doing the odd gig here and there and want to try out a cheap wireless pack like the Lekato Wireless system (Purchase here), these are the perfect ones to go for. If you aren’t in a rush keep an eye on them because the price can fluctuate up and down. So you could end up grabbing a bargain if bought at the right time.

If you are touring and doing Gigs most evenings, I would suggest you invest in a professional wireless unit as these will be more reliable, longer-lasting, more distance and also not battery powered so won’t run out. As I have said I haven’t had them cut out on me yet but I will keep pushing them until I do.

If there is anything else you want us to check out please let us know, We like the idea of reviewing these “Low Budget” items and checking them out in the real world. Send us an email with any ideas of things to review and try out. Have you already tried the Lekato System? How did you find them? Or maybe you have a similar version! Let us know!

We have also reviewed the Lekato Wireless IEM system which you can check out here if you want. This will help you go completely cable free if needed!

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