What is in my Guitar Toolbox! - All the tools I keep and use!


Every guitarist needs a Guitar toolbox. I have 2 but they share the same gear, Just depends on if I a going to a gig or rehearsals (Gig: I take a toolbox, Rehearsals: I take a backpack, I will leave my backpack for another article) on what I take. Today we are going to go over the Toolbox. What is in it, why I carry these things and what else I plan to add and why it is a good idea that you put one together. Let us first start with why I have a guitar toolbox, why do I need one?

Guitar Toolbox: The Why

Why do I have a guitar Toolbox? Well as a guitarist there are times when we need to adjust, fix or just maintain parts of our gear. Due to the nature of Gigging and rehearsals, you won’t always be at home to do this. So packing the essentials into a toolbox means you can bring the needed tools to do anything while away from home. Such as Strings changes, Cleaning, Set up or soldering. What you will be able to do depends on what you pack, and what you pack depends on how big you want your toolbox to be.

Guitar Toolbox: The What

So let’s run through everything I have in my toolbox. I will list out the items inside each part and then chat about why they are there. I consider my guitar toolbox to have 3 parts, The lid, The Top Shelf and the bottom. So let us go through it.

Guitar Toolbox - Picks

The Lid:

  • Jazz III Picks
  • Gravity Picks
  • Random Selection Of Picks
  • Custom Picks

In the lid is currently all my picks, Now as I have mentioned in this article (Click here), that I currently use a homemade custom pick, however, I still have a collection of picks that I take with me. I have a handful of Jazz 3 picks, a handful of Gravity Picks, a handful of assorted picks and then my Picks. I carry this many picks just in case anyone else needs them, or I lose my main pick. You can never be too careful. I also carry an iPhone sim card tool and some spare strap buttons. For no reason than they fit in the little slots. That is all that is in the lid.

The Top Shelf:

  • String Winder
  • Metronome
  • Torch
  • Fret Wrap
  • Capo
  • Snips
  • Clip on Tuner
  • String Wipe

Opening the lid, you will see the top shelf, on here is all the things I regularly use. So we have things like String winders, a metronome, capo, slip-on tuners and a fret wrap (Which I never use). I also have a string wipe which I use after playing to clean off any grime. This shelf is easy to get at, and because I don’t keep a lot of gear here, but everything is spread out and easy to see and grab. I would consider everything on this shelf item I might use frequently. Anything else I might need but won’t use frequently goes in the bottom.

Guitar Toolbox - Bottom

The Bottom:

  • Spare Guitar Cable X2
  • Duct Tape
  • Painters Tape
  • String Cleaner
  • Fretboard Cleaner
  • Microfibre towel
  • Spare Strings
  • Compact Tool Kit (Screwdrivers + Sockets)
  • Various Power Cables
  • iPhone Cable

The last part of the toolbox is the bottom part. In here is everything I might need, but don’t use regularly. For example, spare guitars cables, Guitar strings or power. You could consider it a “back up” part of the toolbox. If I might need something while setting up or playing I will make sure it is in the bottom of the toolbox.

I also store anything I might need for maintenance or cleaning in the bottom part. So I always have a microfibre towel, String cleaner, fretboard cleaner in there in case I am away and need to carry out a string change or clean up.

The two most important thing I carry in the bottom part of the guitar toolbox is a spare guitar cable, and a small toolbox, The toolbox will have a variety of screwdrivers, pliers and a few sockets. This is a must for doing minor repairs or assembly at a gig. You can never have to many screwdrivers!

Guitar Toolbox: Extra Tips and Details

As you can see, I have applied some painters tape on various parts of the toolbox. What this allows me to do is write notes or instructions for myself or other people. This I helpful to remind yourself what is where, I did also use to write my guitar chain and pedal layout and stick it to the inside of the lid, just in case someone else is helping me set up.

Another small tip is to keep track of what is in the toolbox, How many packs of strings do you have in there? If you use a pack, refill this box. Do you have spare picks? Make sure you are aware of your supple levels. This way you won’t ever get caught off guard.

Remember, your toolbox will expand over time, you will naturally add more stuff to it. This being said make sure your toolbox is big enough for a bit of expansion. Nothing worse than buying a toolbox, filling it up with your gear, then in a few weeks adding things to find you don’t have enough room.

If you have found yourself needing it, and not having it, add it to the box! If it has happened once, it will happen again so make sure you are prepared for it the next time. 

Guitar Toolbox - Labels


So that is a rundown of my current guitar toolbox. All the gear, accessories and equipment that I might need during rehearsals or a gig. This guitar toolbox is forever changing and evolving, meaning that it might be different in a few months. So maybe we will have to do an update of this. Hopefully, you have taken something away from this article and maybe you will start a guitar toolbox of your own, or maybe even adjust your current one. If you do have a guitar toolbox, upload a photo of it to Instagram and tag up in it! We would love to see all your toolbox or bags.

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