What Picks do I use? I found the Perfect Guitar Pick!


Guitar pick! Where do we start? It can take you years to find the perfect guitar pick as there are so many out there. It is a very personal choice and something that will take time to find. Fortunately, I have recently discovered my perfect guitar pick and it is a very unlikely choice. Let us get into it. 

Where to Start!

Bit of background is that around 2 years ago, I moved on from your “standard” pick and tried a “Boutique” pick. I started using Gravity Picks. I loved them, they were 2mm in thickness, which I prefer. They were a great design, and I felt like I played better with them. However, there was always something missing from them. I couldn’t pin point it or put my finger on it. Then I decided to make my own. I made my own picks based loosely of the Gravity pick I used, but it was made from 3mm thick acrylic, and a slightly different texture and bevel on the edge. After wearing these in, I knew I found the perfect guitar pick. I couldn’t go back or use another guitar pick. 

After cutting out The Perfect Guitar Pick
The Perfect Guitar Pick comparison with cut out

The thickness was perfect, my grip was better and the ability to mould the pick to my grip was perfect. I was in love! So I made a few more, takes a bit of time, as you have to cut, file and sand them down, try the pick out then repeat till it feels perfect, but once you have made a few, you get the hang of it and can make the perfect guitar pick rather quickly!


Will the Perfect Guitar Pick Benefit you?

So do I recommend you make some picks? If you are perfectly happy with your current pick, then no, however, if you feel like your pick could be improved then why not give them a go. It is a fun weekend project, you can make them out of most anything and it is a fairly simple process, however, there are a few downsides.

First downside? Time to make them! As it takes a while to make them (unless you have machine tools to help), you might find that it takes a while to gather a batch of them. Which is fine for home playing, but if you are gigging them you will definitely need more than one. Meaning you are going to have to spend a bit of time making some picks. The second downside is that it may take a while to find the perfect shape, material and design. So you might have to make a few samples before you will settle on a final design and find the Perfect Guitar Pick.


The Perfect Guitar Pick Final Shot 1

I said at the beginning, that this pick is something I thought I wouldn’t like. The reason for this, Is I always assumed that something I made couldn’t be better than something a professional company has made. Which sometimes can be true and sometimes can’t be. I feel that making your own pick means you can mould it and design it to however you want, Making it perfect for you and only you! Which might stop people stealing them!


So if you find that your Guitar pick could be better, grab yourself a hack saw, Set of files, sandpaper and your material of choice and get started. If you do make yourself the Perfect Guitar Pick, make sure to either tag us on Instagram or email us a picture of the final result. 

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