New Rombo Crystal Bright Picks Review – Our Full Thoughts

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Introduction To Rombo Picks Crystal Bright!

We have worked with the amazing people at Rombo a lot over the years! Today we are back with another look at their new pick lineup they are releasing – their Crystal Bright lineup! They’ve taken their classic shapes and designs and crafted them from a new material called ‘Crystal Bright’, which allows for different sounds and playability while maintaining the reliability and grip that we all love from the Rombo Pick lineup!

So let’s dive into the shapes and thoughts of the ones they have sent over, going over what features we like and how they play, plus what we think about the new Crystal Bright material! Let’s start with one of our favorites: The Origami!

Rombo Origami – 0.75mm

Since receiving the original version of the Origami pick, it has been my sole pick for use on acoustic guitars! I haven’t used anything else! I loved the grip and shape of it, but also how it gave any guitar I played a brighter and nicer presence. Well, the Crystal Bright material gives that and a little bit more! Making even the dullest strings sound a little brighter and fresher!

Rombo Crystal Bright - Origami

Rombo Diamond – 2.00mm

Rombo Crystal Bright - Diamond

If you have checked out our other Rombo Reviews, you would know that this is our favorite Rombo shape. At 2mm thick, it is a sturdy pick that isn’t going to give you any flex! Perfect for those fast riffs! In the new Crystal Bright, I think it looks amazing! A really nice-looking pick! It retains its rigidness and resilience while feeling light and nimble in the fingertips.

Rombo Wave 1.25mm

The Rombo Wave is the pick I would suggest if you want to try Rombo picks but don’t know which one to go for! It is a great thickness with a round tip, allowing for an all-rounded playing type! The grip and texture make playing with this pick just perfect! Plus, it looks incredible in the new Crystal Bright material!

Rombo Crystal Bright - Wave

Rombo Horizon 1.40mm

Rombo Crystal Bright - Horizon

The standard Rombo Horizon is a fantastic pick in its own right! The 1.4mm thickness is perfect for all kinds of playing, while the pointy edge makes it great for fast playing and riffing! However, in the new Crystal Bright material, it makes for an incredible metal and thrash pick! Allowing for fast picking while giving you super clear and retaining that high end! Perfect for cutting through a mix!

Rombo Prisma 0.80mm

This pick is slowly becoming a favorite of mine! It has three edges you can play from, so you could argue you get three picks for one (Not that you need it because Rombo picks never break!). If you hold your pick between your finger and your thumb with your finger curled round (hard to describe). This is a fantastic pick to go for as the wider “top edge” fits nicer and gives you a nice grip without making the pick seem too big!

Rombo Crystal Bright - Prisma

Rombo Crisp 1.00mm

Rombo Crystal Bright - Crisp

The Rombo Crisp has a very different under-the-finger feel! Something not many people would be used to, however, once you do get used to it, it just feels perfect! A really nice relaxed hold but secure and rigid! The point is slightly rounder and with the 1mm thickness, it makes for a perfect “all-rounder” of a plectrum! Perfect for all kinds of playing and styles!

Rombo Jade 2.30mm

Normally, I don’t tend to lean towards thick picks but something about the shape and size of the Jade feels nice under the fingers. The shape of the pick is a lovely teardrop shape and the texture and grip make for a super comfortable hold! The Rombo Jade feels so comfortable in hand! A perfect pick for fast and legato style of playing.

Rombo Crystal Bright - Jade

Rombo Erebus 2.15mm

Rombo Crystal Bright - Erebus

This pick took a while to grow on me but when it did, it did! It now has a huge hold on me! This pick is thick at 2.15mm; however, thanks to the design, it doesn’t feel that thick. This thickness and design give the pick a fuller and thick sound! Allowing it to hit the strings with more force and meaning. Giving it a percussive sound, add this with the clarity of the Crystal Bright and it is a great pick for those percussive breakdowns in Modern metal.

Rombo Mosaic 0.65mm

As with the Origami, this has also been a go-to for acoustic guitar playing. Although it is slightly thinner than the Origami, its smaller size and sharper point make it easier to play more melodic and “riffier” stuff on acoustics. Combine this with the bright and airy quality of the Crystal Bright, makes for the perfect pick for standing out in a live mix!

Rombo Crystal Bright - Mosaic

Rombo Shell 0.95mm

Rombo Crystal Bright - Shell

This pick is very strange at first. It is a very small pick, but yet due to the clever design, it never feels lost or small under the fingers! Thanks to the wider middle part, you have a comfortable grip, and overall, a lovely playing experience! In the new material, it gives you a full, well-rounded sound with great presence and articulation.

Rombo Dune 0.7mm

This pick may seem very strange at first, however when you start you use it it all makes sense! If you find you hold picks very lightly and that they spin or move around under your fingers, this is the pick for you! Thanks to the raised edges this pick is kind of self centring! Meaning no matter how hard or soft you hold it it will always been in the perfect position to play with!

Rombo Crystal Bright - Dune

Final Thoughts on Crystal Bright

So what are my final thoughts on the new Crystal Bright material? Well, I think Rombo has nailed it! The new Rombo Crystal Bright sounds fantastic and gives me the tones I love from picks! I was most surprised by how it brought a bit of life back into my old acoustic guitar strings!

As for wear and tear, I haven’t had them long enough to give a proper opinion (I will update at a later date), but from my time playing with them and the abuse I have given them, they have held up perfectly! As expected with Rombo Guitar picks, they can take a beating and don’t wear easily!

The only downside I have experienced with Crystal Bright is when dropping a pick. They are clear and see-through! Like all picks, they just seem to vanish into eternity if dropped! However, thanks to Rombo’s designs, I have actually yet to drop one. The only times they have ended up on the floor is if I knock them off my desk.


Huge thanks to Rombo Picks for sending these over. Make sure you check out their links below. Follow them on Instagram, and if you’re interested in an up-and-coming pick brand, please check out Rombo Picks. They are doing some amazing work and have some fresh designs!

If you want a more in-depth review of all the picks above, then make sure you check out our reviews below! I will include the links to each review we have done!

If you order any, make sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram. We would love to get all your opinions on them. Thanks to Rombo guitar picks for sending these over.

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