Let us talk about Acoustic Guitar Strings – We try a few sets!


Strings can often be overlooked and forgotten about! It isn’t really until one breaks that we think about them! A few weeks ago I put out an article about Electric guitar strings, Since then a lot of you have asked if I am going to be doing one about Acoustic Guitar strings. Well luckily, Strings Direct also sent over a few packs of Acoustic Guitar strings to try out. So I have been playing through them the last few weeks. I have now gathered my thoughts and put them together in this article/review.

For each review, we will talk about packaging, Quality, how easy they are to use to restring, Price and also tone and longevity. So let us begin with the first set, and from a brand, we are slowly becoming very popular! String Joy!

Stringjoy Naturals (11-52)

Now we have tried String Joy’s electric strings before and loved them, And it is the same story with the acoustic guitar strings. The packaging is top quality, cardboard and easy to work out which string is which as they come in their paper sleeves!

After putting the strings on, they were super nice to play with and sounded nice a bright and had that “new” sound for a long time after! Something I find with Acoustic guitar strings is that they can lose that new, fresh and bright sound quickly, these didn’t! They remained fresh sounding for a good few weeks! Keeping that Fresh, Snappy twang that I love with Acoustic guitar Strings!

The day after putting these strings on, they were rock solid, maybe a few cents out here and there, but that is to be expected of new strings. All of the strings were at the correct note but just a few cents flat. At £14.99 a pack, they may seem expensive but how long these have lasted me has surprised me! Amazing sounding String, Great Price and long-lasting!

It is also worth noting that since writing this review, I have swapped to these strings for all of my acoustics! I still think they sound great and, for me, the snappy, crisp sound is something I love in my acoustic guitars.

Price: £14.99

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Acoustic Guitar Strings - String Joy
String Joys Packaging is all eco friendly!
Acoustic Guitar Strings - String Joy Open
Each string wrapped in it's own paper wrapper!

D’Addario XS (11-52)

As with the Electric strings, These come in a very similar package. Again, being perfect for gigging musicians as the packaging is small and thin making them fit in any gig bag easily! After tying the Electric version of these strings I was very excited to see what these were going to sound like, and also how they would hold up!

As with electric strings have coloured balls on the end which dictate which string is which. There are 3 colours so each colour appears twice. Luckily they are wrapped in pairs (6 & 5, 4 & 3 and so on) and they are coloured so that two colours are never on adjacent strings.

These have a different sound to the String Joy strings. They are more mellow and warm, not as snappy or as sudden as the String Joy’s. A lovely sound, great for that “campfire” sound. Not saying that are better or worse, just a different sound. However, the playability of them is lovely, lovely under-finger feel, a nice silky feel to them, allowing you to do more than just chords.

Price: £17.99

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Acoustic Guitar Strings - D’Addario
A string that is taking the world by storm currently!
Acoustic Guitar Strings - D’Addario Open
Outstanding packaging, but coming in at a higher cost!

Legacy Light (11-52)

These are the cheapest of the three, which shows in the packaging, however, this doesn’t mean they aren’t a good string. The packaging is a foil wrapper with the string inside wrapped up in pairs. There are three colours for the ball end, however, it is very easy to distinguish the different strings!

Due to the price, I would say these would be perfect for the Bedroom Player or player on a budget, Who just wants a good quality pack of strings to put on his guitar but doesn’t need or want to spend much. These are a great middle man between good quality and long-lasting and great price.

Sound-wise, These strings are very nice, They are a great Midway between that snappy metallic sound and a warm soft sound. Great for all kinds of music. Which, for the price would make them a great all-rounder string! They have a nice feel to them when playing. They aren’t as silky to play as the above sets but are still very nice to play. From the Strings, I have tried in this article and for my personal uses, I would most likely be going for these strings in the future.

Price: £5.99

Buy Them Here

Guitar Strings - Legacy
For the price, I don't see why you wouldn't buy these!
Guitar Strings - Legacy Open
Basic Packaging, but a great sound!


I want to thank Strings Direct for sending these packs out again, if you are after any kind of String and are looking for a good price then make sure you check them out! They stock hundreds of strings and do amazing prices and deals! Although Strings direct did send the strings over, all the thoughts are completely my own.

Any other guitar part you would like us to review? Or maybe you want our thoughts on more string brands! If so let us know over on our Instagram, drop us a comment or DM letting us know what you would like us to review and we will do our best to do it.


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